How long does it take to bowl one game?

This varies greatly depending on the number of bowlers and what their playing speed is. A good estimate is 1 hour for 6 bowlers on a lane.

How can I sing Karaoke?

Its as easy as talking to any team member at GAME ON, They can point you in the right direction and set you up for an experience like no other.

Is Game On Kid Friendly?

GAME ON has the ability to cater to any age, Young and old alike we have something for everyone.

How Can I get a game card for the arcade?

Games Cards are available through any of the Card Kiosks located on the arcade floor as well as at the front desk.

How Can I have my event at GAME ON?

Our Party Specialists are here to help! For parties of 20-800 our Event planners are here to help. Use our Events page for more info.

Do you have Gluten Free options?

Yes, We take the safety of our guests seriously. Our Kitchen trained in multiple food allergens to provide a safe dining experience for all.